Hi, I'm Hebe

I was born in a small town in Fu Jian, China and moved to the U.S. when I was 7 to reunite with my parents. Since then, we lived in a few different cities, but eventually made Atlanta, GA our home.

I was the first in my family to attend university, so it was very important that I prioritize job security. As a result, I graduated from the University of Georgia in 2016 with the safest degree possible, Accounting. I went on to work for Deloitte for 3 years. There, I analyzed data, conducted research and interviews to find tax savings for Fortune 500 companies.

Fast forward to today, as a UX Designer, I'm analyzing data, conducting research and interviews to design solutions that improve usability, accessibility, and user's interaction with digital products.

Why ux design?

Why? Why? Why? Why? But why?...

When I found out that it's socially acceptable for a grown adult to perpetually ask that many “Why’s” (and get paid for it!?), I knew I found my calling. All jokes aside...I took a leap of faith and transitioned into UX Design because I want to create and make meaningful impacts. I have a natural tendency to improve things that are ineffective or inefficient. Thus, I am enthusiastic about designing solutions that reduce monotonous tasks for others so they can spend time on things that truly matters.

Though I wasn't able to find fulfillment in my previous career, I appreciate my time at Deloitte. It taught me essential professional skills (communication, working with cross-functional teams, project management, etc.) that I heavily rely on today as a UX Designer.

Other funs stuff

✈️ I fuel my curiosity by traveling (17 countries and counting!). My most memorable trips thus far are Iceland (2017), Cuba (2018), and my first solo trip in Italy (2017). My favorite part about traveling is people watching, trying all the food, and observing the culture. I also love traveling because it humbles me and gives me perspective.

🥟 I unwind by cooking yummy food. I enjoy trying new recipe or perfecting dishes that I already know. The best part about cooking is sharing it with loved ones and seeing them enjoying something that I've made. My area of expertise is mainly Chinese cuisine.

📷 I express by creating content and sharing my experiences. Recently, I ventured into the world of YouTube to share my career transition experience and perspective on YouTube.

Random things I've made

🌴 Google Sheet: Unlimited PTO Guide - I want to help people with unlimited PTO to get a general sense on how many days they should take off each year. I designed and formulated a time-off calculator on google sheet based on data from U.S. Bureau Labor Statistics.

Article: Meetings Suck. How To Have Less Meetings - I passionately discussed the topic of meetings. Why meetings suck and what practices we can adopt to promote less meetings and more meaningful work. My teenage self would totally think I'm cool.

Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me!

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